Resources for Green Living at the Show

Green Living Consultations



Melisa Romano, Meg Clark and Steve Clark of the Haverford Environmental Advisory Committee and H-CAN

Learn how taking a bite out of global warming can save you money and enhance the value of your home.  One-on-one consultation includes how you can buy renewable power cheaper than PECO’s price, whether your home is suitable for Solar panels, Solarize group solar purchasing, options to make your home more energy efficient and many other environmentally-friendly steps you can take.

PECO Smart Ideas


Learn about ways to save energy in your home, sign up for an energy audit, and learn about rebates that are available.

Rain Gardens


Learn about rain gardens and how they help with storm water management.  Find out out how you can get one in your yard or at your business.

Tree Tenders


Learn about the Tree Tenders program run by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.  



Learn from Sam and Laura at BeeLeavers about the ins and outs of beekeeping.

Native Plants for Sale


Native plants are essential for the health of the environment.  Provide food and shelter in your yard for birds, butterflies, fireflies, and other critters.  Purchase native trees and shrubs from GoNative Tree Nursery.  Pre-orders are also available at

Haverford College Arboretum will be selling native plants for the shade garden.

Solar Options for your Home



James Knox (Haverford Environmental Advisory Commitee) and Jason Baxter (Drexel University)

Learn about options for installing solar panels at your home and whether this is the right choice for you.  Assessing viability, choices, cost, payback, increase in home value, what to expect, Solarize group purchase opportunity and Q&A with residents who have converted to solar.

Hybrid Bicycles


Check out the latest in electric bicycles!

Alternative Energy Providers


Talk to representatives from Inspire and Green Mountain Energy to discuss alternative energy options.

Sandtrap Advisors


Talk with experts about EV charging stations for your home and look at various models.

H2O at Home


 Organic and natural home care and personal care and fragrance products